The Rise Of Fully Auto Machines In Specialty Cafes: Is A Fully Automatic Espresso Machine The Best Choice For Your Cafe?

The world that we live in is becoming increasingly fast-paced. As a result, businesses now have to make use of technological advancements to keep up with the shorter attention spans and busier lifestyles of their customers. 

For many cafes and coffee shops, this means the adoption of Fully Automatic Coffee Machines to help meet these needs.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines will grind your beans, brew your coffee and froth your milk for you. Although on the pricier side, they are quick and convenient and can produce a barista-style coffee on par with some Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines. 


Let’s take a closer look at which technology In Fully Automatic Coffee Machines gave rise to this trend.

On the surface, Fully Automatic Coffee Machines and Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines may actually look similar. However, there are key factors and components that set these two types of espresso machines apart and allow them to fit into different niches to ultimately meet the needs of different consumers.

In short, to differentiate between these two types of coffee machines, the most important factor that you should keep in mind is that a Fully Automatic Coffee Machines is often viewed as a “one-touch” system for brewing. This means that it is expected to have features like integrated grinding and tamping – as well as also (in most cases) milk frothing and steaming.


The Rise Of Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

The rise of Fully Automatic Coffee Machines can be attributed to three main factors: rapid modernization, fast-paced living, and a decline in the market for “luxury” coffee.

In this case, the aspect of rapid modernizations is fairly straightforward. Fully Automatic Coffee Machines weren’t as popular in the past because technology had yet to advance far enough to make them on par with the alternative methods that were out there – nowadays, this isn’t the case. 

With less time for leisure in the hectic world now, it is simply faster to use a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine. Plus, nowadays this is simply not true and there are many Fully Automatic Coffee Machines on the market that are capable of producing high-quality espressos.

Today, there is an endless list of Fully Automatic Coffee Machines to choose from – with new ones also being introduced every year. It can be confusing for new buyers to sift through the never-ending sea of average (and subpar) espresso machines to find the true high-quality gems. 

Here are some of our recommendations:

1. La Cimbali S15

Experience how much flexible and smart is the new S15 fully automatic machine. S15 is designed to guarantee a wide and even more customizable beverages menu, besides higher boiler’s capacity. Intuitive and professional, an ideal solution for locations that requires medium-low daily capacity. Bi-directional Telemetry on board (IoT Connectivity | Cimbali Connectivity).

2. Saeco Royal OTC

This OTC version even has everything you need to manage fresh milk automatically. The brewing unit, professional internal components and steel conical blades are wear-proof, the coffee dispenser can be set at different heights, and maintenance is simple and quick as the coffee brewing unit can be removed and washed.

3. La Cimbali S30

Thanks to the innovative technical solutions that have always made the La Cimbali machines cutting-edge products, preparing espresso coffee-based drinks will be simple and intuitive, every day. S30 has a 10.4” touchscreen display, customisable images on the machine display and sounds to help the customer choose their drink. You can also communicate with the S30 remotely making it quick and easy to upgrade software and adjust recipes. 

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines vs Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines – Is There A Clear Winner?

The simple answer to this question is: “No, there isn’t a clear-cut winner in the ongoing battle between the Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines.” 

The truth is, Fully Automatic Coffee Machines and  Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines both have their own unique set of benefits that can potentially make them appealing to different people. 

For some, Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines are usually the preferred choice. This is because Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines have the potential to give baristas a more precise control over the taste and quality of the coffee that they are serving. However, Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines can only have this “potential” given that the baristas themselves have a certain level of skill to make this possible. Some may say that they are not willing to gain a boost to their efficiency and productivity by using Fully Automatic Coffee Machines if it means having to sacrifice the overall quality of the espressos that they are serving to their valued customers. 

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines have often been stereotyped as the go-to choice for coffee shop owners who are willing to compromise on the overall process of crafting an espresso in exchange for increased productivity, efficiency, and ease of use. However, with technological advancements that have been made to the newer Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, it is also increasingly being seen in more cafes as well.


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