Guerilla Coffee – Single Origin Ethiopia


This Ethiopian Heirloom contains coffee that was grown at an altitude of 1500-2100 meters in the coffee growing region of Yirgacheffe. It is roasted to a medium city roast to showcase its delicate tea-like aromatics and rich clean flavours. This espresso, when paired with milk, is designed to accentuate its deep notes of blackberries with hints of cane sugar and milk chocolate that is finely balanced in a cup.

Blend Origins
  1. Single Origin Ethiopian Heirloom
  2. Region: Yirgacheffe
Taste & Flavour Profile
  • Aroma – Rich fragrance of jasmine and lemon.
  • Flavour – Dominant notes of berries, fruit sugars and a long and lingering floral finish.
  • Texture, Mouthfeel and Acidity – Rich creamy body with a medium mouthfeel, medium bright acidity, and a lingering finish.

Recommended BrewingBest enjoyed as a milk beverage; a recommended recipe of double shot espresso (40-42g) in a 5-6oz beverage serving.

Recommend Brewing Ratio – 1:2 for milk-based, 1:2 for black