Blend origins
  1. Sidamo Mamo Kacha – Washed process – Berries, blackcurrants, floral.
  2. TBC, Washed/Natural process
Taste & flavour Profile
  • Aroma – Floral & fruity
  • Flavour – Wildly complex and fruit forward with a tea-like finish
  • Texture, Mouthfeel and Acidity – Medium light body with a medium-low mouthfeel, medium acidity and a long clean finish.
Recommended brewing – complex milk beverage. Recommend brewing ratio – 1:2 for milk based, 1:2 for black

Guerilla Coffee No.3


The idea behind our(G3 blend) is simple: To create something fun and wild. Beyond tradition, we decide to showcase a blend that is non-conventional as our signature.  

Our most exciting blend thus far, wild and exciting as an espresso. But equally enjoyable as a pourover. Dominate fruit notes with dried floral aroma, complex with lingering tea-like finish. 

*not for the faint-hearted!

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