The Home Barista – Guerilla Coffee Online is back!

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We appear to have stumbled upon some free time during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what better way to focus our energies on launching our retail focussed website. For those who know our history, Guerilla Coffee was originally born with the home barista in mind. The intent was simple, making great coffee. 

Even the content within our About page remains exactly the same as when we first launched the website in 2017. With Caffeine Solutions dedicated to Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and Offices we are confident our service teams would be able to over deliver to our retail customers as well!

In May 2019, we proudly re-launched the Guerilla Coffee Website (, covering categories of Coffee and Equipment with of course a keen focus on the Home Barista.

Our launch promo (limited to the first 10 customers) was a Nomad Espresso maker which sold out in just 8 hours! The success of the campaign took us by surprise! Rest assured our keen team sent out the orders the very next day. We ensure that each order comes with a handwritten Thank You card from one of our team members because we truly appreciate the support!

Part of the package included a free 15 minute Virtual Barista Session which received rave reviews from several customers! 

With the positive reception of the virtual barista sessions, we are currently considering how to roll this out as a service for the entire business. Stay tuned for more details!

Within 2 weeks of that launch we quickly rolled out products to Lazada as well. We are continuously adding more products and evolving our techniques. We trust that the home consumer is a market that is growing and we are here to serve!

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Technology & Us

Since our inception, we have always believed in using technology to enhance our productivity. However, as with life, our workload increased too quickly and we’ve never really been able to get ahead of the curve to fully harness the power that technology had to offer.

With the outbreak of COvid-19 and CB measures in place, we were fortunate to have been classified an essential service but as you can imagine with much less work in the pipeline. We took that opportunity to focus our energies to establish SOPs and vastly improve our productivity, quality and consistency. This ensures our app enabled technicians are always on the move and always connected.

We are excited to share with our customers some very important advantages to our fully digital platform dedicated to creating industry leading technical support services.

  1. Cloud-based work order management and history
  2. Improved response time
  3. Reduce unexpected repair costs and expensive machine downtime.
  4. Monthly reports for Customers
  5. Purchase our reconditioned machines with confidence

Cloud-based work order management and history

All  our customers’ work histories are computerised and logged. We have detailed work orders detailing every step of work done to maintain your equipment, regardless of who attends to your call.

Improved response time

By moving away from time consuming paperwork done on-site, our support technicians can now work faster and focus completely on the job at hand. With a mobile app based system, our support technicians can work on the go and reduce journey time between jobs. Maintenance software also provides maintenance technicians with details about the procedures, parts, and tools necessary to perform a job, so they can work without delay or interruption and increase the rate of solving critical issues on the first visit.

Reduce unexpected repair costs and expensive machine downtime.

For our preventive maintenance customers, our system now automates the scheduling of preventive maintenance calls, and ensures our support staff follow a strict checklist to reduce unexpected and costly unscheduled repairs and downtime. This is a key advantage for our existing customers as downtime is costly as when you factor in brand and reputation damage, as well as loss of revenue usually during peak operational hours.

Monthly reports for Customers

Monthly reports can now be generated at the touch of a button and our team can work with client’s and develop the best strategy for your coffee solutions with real, timely and actionable data.

Purchase our reconditioned machines with confidence

Our reconditioned machines will come complete with a detailed refurbishment history work history 

Customer satisfaction survey after each servicing

Our support teams are not only focused on fixing machines, they are also focused on building long term relationships with our clients. After every support visit, we will ask for your feedback so that we are constantly striving to improve our services.  Don’t just listen to what we have to say, here is a recent selection from our ongoing feedback survey.

 Contact us now for a free consultation and switching from reactive to proactive maintenance for all your coffee equipment.

Operations in the face of Uncertainty

Covid-19 has significantly changed the industries around the world with post-pandemic expectations of the “New Normal” on health and hygiene standards will be unlike anything we have experienced before. The spread and impact of the coronavirus is being felt globally across operations in ways that are difficult to model and assess for any supply chains. Hard information is lacking while managing critical inventory and mitigating disruptions took centrestage.

Here at Caffeine Solutions, we identified and focused on a few critical components while sparing no effort in tackling these challenges in finding short-term responses and suitable solutions to ensure business continuity:

  • Created multi tier supply chains with identifying and establishing alternative sources of coffee and equipment products
  • Assessed realistic final customer demand and purchasing behaviour
  • Identified and secured logistics capacity on imported products and equipment whilst absorbing the exorbitant increase in rates for air/sea/road freights
  • Implemented continuous after-sales support and availability through staggered shifts and adhering to new government regulations
  • Adopted new technology to improve our systems and processes

With the impending post-pandemic landscape, we aim to boost our business resiliency and enhance our holistic support to our customers while maintaining a safe environment for our team.

Infectious Sale 2020 – Spread the word!

Has Covid-19 got you down? We’ve got your back! Buy a box of masks and hand sanitiser from us and get a free espresso machine and grinder bundle for free (…kidding lah)! Prices start from S$3,500. Check out the deals listed below… terms and conditions in the attachments.

Bundle Deals

Corporate Program 

Do Your Customers Care Who Steamed The Milk? Handmade vs Turbosteam

Handmade or Machine Made: Which is better and for who?

Can you guess if these latte art patterns were handmade or machine made?

If you answered yes to either then you’re both right. These are the winning latte art patterns at our inaugural Barista Redefined Challenge 2019, which pitted SIngapore’s top latte artists at each other with a twist. All the milk steaming was accomplished by La Cimbali’s patented Turbosteam system. All that the competitor’s had to do was to take the perfectly steamed milk and pour the latte art pattern of their choice.

With the BRC, we’ve set out to prove that technology has finally caught up with Baristas. with steam wand technology that’s now capable of producing the beautifully steamed milk for showcasing all the talent a baristas needs to showcase their latte art pouring skills.

In the beginning…

I’ve often been asked about how to go about learning the art of latte art and my answer usually start with a cheeky answer :” First you need to set aside milk from two cow’s worth milk….”.

In reality when I first started it did take me around two months of training, and most probably with milk produced from two cows over that time, to get a decent grasp of the skills needed to achieve the correct texture , temperature and pouring skills to produce a decent cappuccino and latte for our customers.

This also means for two months some customers were definitely getting some interesting versions of their cappuccinos.

Problems with technology

In the field of espresso machine brewing technology so much innovation has been achieved. However all the innovations have largely been about how to brew a better cup of espresso.

Conversely, the essential core process of how milk is steamed and textured for preparation into milk based beverages, has not changed since the steam wand was invented. 

The entire process is time consuming and skill intensive. Requiring a highly skilled barista to execute in daily repetition. The irony of asking a highly trained Barista to executive an essentially repetitive task represents a profligate waste of talent.

Bottleneck station

Most cafes or baristas seldom talk about speed but how long you wait in line is one of the biggest issues in busy cafes today. In a busy cafe setting, the single bottleneck of any stack of coffee orders will always be the time it takes to steam milk. Speed & Consistency are important factors in perceived overall customer experience. Since Milk prep is a main component in bottlenecking the speed of service our customers, most often the only solution for most cafes is to put more people to steam the milk.

Of course this is not a good option because:

  1. The barista is 100% occupied (limited customer service)
  2. $$ Training time & resources
  3. Adding more staff during peak periods will cause over staffing during low periods
  4. Risk of consistency and quality rises

Turbosteam technology

At Caffeine Solutions, our partner for espresso machines, Gruppo Cimbali, share our similar vision of using technology to enable our clients to do better and more at the same time. Enter their TurbosteamⓅ system, a patented device that enables users to froth milk automatically, at a constant temperature and to an optimum quality level, achieving the standards of a professional barista. The result is a consistent, creamy foam.


With the Turbosteam technology, milk can be frothed automatically to the standard of a professional barista. Milk quality, quantity and temperature can be kept constant; while the wand is doing its job automatically, the barista has his or her hands free to do other things, considerably saving time and speeding up service. The Turbosteam wand is also easy to maintain – the end section of the Turbosteam wand can be changed without the help of a technician. With a quick twist the wand can easily be dismantled for cleaning and servicing. The Turbosteam technology is very versatile and can be programmed to handle small and big milk jugs alike. Even small amounts of milk can be frothed to drastically reduce milk waste.

Many of our customers use La Cimbali’s patented milk steaming technology and have eliminated this issue to a large degree. Using Turbosteam has proven itself to save a large portion of the steaming time taken taken and free the barista to either do more ancillary work OR spend the time making a connection with the customer (Hint: increased sales/).

Using an automated system also eliminates the time needed to train a barista the skills needed. In some busy instances even a floor staff can jump in and assist, with little or no training at all.

Bah Barista! Skeptics Galore

All of the 30+ baristas at the BRC 2019 were skeptical at first, but as you can see from the results they have managed to pull off some of their best work. As expected at the start of pratice there was a healthy dose of initial skepticism and resistance. Many came into the practice sessions with the only perspective they had, which was oldskool hand skills were still superior to any form of automated milk steaming technology.

However, with a little bit of practice many of the Baristas soon managed to produce milkfoam and latte art of the quality they expected from a traditional steam wand.

”Barista grade technology has reached the milk texturing systems, we need to overcome the mis-conception that handmade is always better. To me the concept of “better” is always about better products AND a better customer experience. Technology should enable us to focus on making real human connections, at the end of the day it’s the most valuable aspect of any brand”- Keith Loh

“I think the Turbosteam is an awesome technology to assist baristas in training and operation. It allows baristas to understand how silky milk is formed and increases the pace of operation as it is fully hands-free.” – Jervis Tan, Singapore National Latte Art Champion 2019

“ At first I was a bit sceptical because I was so used to steaming my own …But after adjusting for a while it (Turbosteam) could actually foam a very consistent and silky textured milk. 

Turbosteam I feel will allow for cafe operations to reduce human error and through that improve consistency, which is something most cafes cannot replicate with each shift potentially having the bar run by different baristas with varying skill levels.

I think the challenge for the Turbosteam technology would be that some baristas would feel like this is “cheat” as the skill to froth and texture milk is removed from the equation of pouring latte art, but for me I’d rather be efficient in making coffee for my customers and have a trusty tool to froth my milk, giving me some more extra time to pour intricate latte art for customers.“ Darren.  BRC Champion 2019.

Well folks we’ve tried, tested and proven the Turbosteam technology with some of the best Baristas in the country. Hopefully the steaming and frothing of milk by hand might soon become a thing of the past. Baristas can up their service, justify better wages and serve better coffee faster. Cafe owners will benefit too, with productivity, consistency and service all playing an important part in helping our beloved coffee outlets gain a real edge and sustain in this increasingly competitive industry.

Welcome to the future now with Turbosteam..

Latte Art Throwdown Jakarta

Calling all Baristas and coffee enthusiast to our inaugural Latte Art Throwdown, come for a night of games and fun.

Stand a chance to win a total of IDR3,000,000 Cash and a Nomad Espresso machine worth IDR 3,950,000.

Competition registration is free.

For registration, hit the link down below:

or  hit us up at:

Happy Competing!

CSI Latte Art Throwdown Rules & Regulations

  1. This competition will be in a “knock-out” mode format where by winner will advance
    from judges selection.
  2. Contestants are responsible for bringing your own milk pitcher for competition.
  3. Participants are required to know how to use the espresso machine to froth milk.
  4. Contestants are to do freepour latte art only for all rounds.
  5. The number of rounds held will be subject to the total number of participants.
  6. 1 Cup size will be provided and used for the competition by organizer (size TBC).
  7. Competitors are required to use the coffee and milk provided by the CSI.
  8. All Judges results are final, no appeals on decision will be entertained.

Terms & Conditions (prize winners)

  1. The 1st prize winner will receive the grand prize of IDR 1,500,000 in cash and a
    Nomad Espresso maker Worth IDR 3,950,000.
  2. The 2nd prize winner will receive IDR 1,000,000 in cash.
  3. The 3rd prize winner will receive IDR 500,000 in cash.

Barista Training Center Jakarta Launch

Caffeine Solutions Indonesia (CSI) will open the Barista Training Center (BTC) this 25th April in partnership with Bettr Barista (BB), Asia’s most recognised coffee training institute. To kick off the classes CSI will host a fun & casual latte art throwdown party at its new facility in central Jakarta this Wednesday, 24th April. CSI is a new facility by Caffeine Solutions Singapore and features a concept cafe, equipment showroom, barista training centre and a technical support area. With this new space, CSI is poised to deliver it’s unique suite of products and services to support the country’s growing hospitality industry that’s rapidly trying to keep pace with the burgeoning middle class and their growing desire for quality coffee equipment, training and beverages.

CS Director Mr Keith Loh commented: “Our overarching strategy has always been focused on helping our clients improve productivity, quality and barista craft in their coffee programmes.”. Keith further explains: “We are able to do this through our unique focus on our deep understanding and experience in combining automation, barista skills and quality coffee”.  Keith further adds “Our entry into Indonesia is an exciting milestone for us which underpins our expansion strategy.”

The BTC will offer Bettr Barista’s highly regarded courses for aspiring coffee novices and professionals. According to BB Director Pamela Chng, “Indonesia represents an exciting opportunity in terms of coverage. We believe our social responsibility programme will have huge traction.  This partnership with CS is the first in the region that we’ve done and believe that our range of barista classes will help advance the learning journey of aspiring coffee professionals from all levels.”

To launch the BTC our first series of classes start on the 25th of April offering 5 different types of introductory classes for both beginners and experienced baristas. To start off, there will be an intensive, 2-day introduction to espresso course (Rp5,500,000) where a participant can go from zero to barista and kick off their Barista career. Or coffee lovers can opt for the half day introduction classes (Rp1,870,000) or even hand brewing class(Rp 1,870,000).  Limited spaces at introductory prices are available, so book yours early to reserve a spot! For more details please go to: ( or contact

About Caffeine Solutions

CS’s mission is to be the region’s premier full-service wholesale coffee solutions company. Our vision is “Barista Redefined”. We believe that automation will play a growing part to building long-term relationships with our clients. CS provides complete coffee solutions with a focus on automation to improve our customer’s sales, product consistency and productivity.

The CS team is helmed by Keith Loh, an F&B veteran who spent many years in many areas of the hospitality industry, including a speciality coffee brand Oriole Coffee Roasters. He is also the Singapore National Barista champion for 2010 and the Singapore National Cup Taster’s Champion 2013 among many other accolades.

CS Indonesia is led by John Ryan Ting, a well known coffee industry veteran throughout the region. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and passion in coffee. John Ting is the Singapore Barista Champion 2008, 2009, 2015, Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2016, WCE Certified World Barista Sensory Judge 2013 – 2015, WCE Certified World Latte Art Visual Judge 2013 – 2015.

About Bettr Barista

BB is a Singapore specialty coffee company founded in 2011, and is Singapore’s first certified B-Corporation. It is a leading provider of professional coffee education, specialty coffee products and corporate event services. It also operates micro-enterprise retail coffee bars in Singapore to amplify positive social impact in the community.

BB works to empower lives through a Holistic Training Programme for marginalised women and youth, by nurturing direct and sustainable trade across its supply chain, and by building socially conscious communities wherever they operate. BB is proud to be the 2017 President’s Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year winner and a Best For The World (Community) organisation from 2016-2018.

Official SNBC Grinder Sponsor for 2019

Caffeine Solutions Pte Ltd (CS) is proud to be named the grinder sponsor for Singapore’s most prestigious coffee competitions. Together with Mahlkonig’s next generation espresso grinder, CS will be offering the E65S as the grinder of choice for the Singapore National Barista Championship (SNBC) and the Singapore National Latte Art Championship (SLAC) 2019.  

CS Director Mr Keith Loh commented: “I’ve always believed in building long-term relationships and by sponsoring the event it’s our way of helping budding talent grow and also to move the coffee scene forward.”.  Keith further adds “ With Mahlkonig’s next-generation grinder, the E65S, I believe that they have leapt forward in performance. We are excited to showcase this new technology and let the best baristas get to experience it’s quality performance for themselves.”

For this special month, CS has reserved limited units of the E65S at a special discounted price at $2,688 per unit excluding GST (U.P. $3,350) for interested baristas during this promotional period. Units will be reserved on a priority basis and on a first-come-first-served basis.  For orders please call the main CS line at +65 6909 3686.

For this competition period CS has also put together amazing bundle deals with espresso machine and grinder combinations for all different usage volume needs. For more information please go to caffeine solutions’s website at

The E65S is Mahlkonig’s latest next generation espresso grinder design. This sleek, quiet and small footprint espresso grinder has best-in-class features of low grind-retention, accurate and consistent dosing with a proven premium grinding profile featuring a great taste experience.


About Caffeine Solutions Pte Ltd

Caffeine Solutions is Singapore’s premier full-service wholesale coffee solutions company. Our vision is “Barista Redefined”. We believe that automation will play a growing part to our customers coffee solutions. Caffeine Solutions provides complete solutions with a focus on automation to improve our customer’s sales, product consistency and productivity.

The SNBC and SLC is organised by the Singapore Coffee Association and is sanctioned by the World Coffee Association. Winners of both competitions will get a chance to represent Singapore in their respective world stage in a global competition.